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It helps even if your furniture is only a few inches away from the walls. The space above centers the furniture arrangement in the middle leaving the sides as open but not dead space.

Arranging Furniture In A 12 Foot Wide By 24 Foot Long Living Room Rectangular Living Rooms Long Living Room Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Where your short wall is are my stairs.

How to arrange a narrow living room. To add a lot of seating to your living room place a couch against one long wall. Now comes the fun part – planning for the furniture for this troublesome narrow living room. The main sitting area should be organized around the focal point of the room.

Put Furniture on an Angle. Keep the foot traffic to one side. The classic video game of Tetris can easily come to mind whenever youre confronting the mind-boggling task of creating a furniture layout in a narrow roomA couch may look ideal on a certain wall but once a coffee table is placed in front of it it can suddenly appear crampedand a side chair is necessary for guests but its small size feels larger between a.

No one feels good sitting on a couch against one wall while trying to have a conversation across a room where the other chair is against the far wall. There also needs to be a dining area for entertaining but the two spaces should feel distinct. Another idea if you want to keep your existing sofa and chairs is to flank the sofa with the two Wassily chairs.

I understand the frustrations and struggles with a narrow room as mine is quite similar though narrower at 10 ft 9ins and shorter with dining area. Sometimes breaking up a long space can be as easy as floating your sofa or a pair of chairs or a bench. Small stools cubes or chow tables are perfect as options for coffee tables in narrow spaces.

Know the size of your room. Use your vertical space. Another idea is to create a work space behind your sofa by using a desk and chair instead of a regular sofa table.

Make defined areas intimate and cozy by dividing the space up into smaller usable areas. When planning out your living space identifying the largest wall and placing your biggest piece of furniture in that area will free up other spots to help determine where your remaining components can go says interior. How do you arrange furniture in a long narrow living room.

Use an area rug to make the space more polished. A 12 x 24 narrow living room that gets lots of light and is the main spot for relaxing and entertaining. In a long narrow living room where usable space is at a premium arrange your seating areas first.

Round out this arrangement with a small area rug and coffee table to create an intimate cozy seating area. Maximizing the small and narrow space to accommodate a comfortable sofa for lounging and watching TV. As a plus they dont need any floor space and wont make your room look cluttered in any way.

If you must use a sofa and yours isnt too deep center it on one of the long walls in the room. The main thing you want to avoid and one that can be such a trap for a narrow living room is to line up all of the furniture against the walls. For my first layout idea I would do either a two seat sofa or a small three seat option going across the room with two chairs across from it.

I would suggest you purchase a 6 X 8 floor coveringarea rug and arrange sofa two chairs with an ottoman style coffee table. Instead pull all of your furniture away from the walls and float a seating arrangement in the middle of the room. As far as possible take attention away from the long narrow room by drawing the eye upwards with floating shelves and sconces.

Furniture pushed up against a wall in a narrow living room emphasizes the length of the space. Because of the size of your living room you will most likely have to go with an 8 x 10 rug unless you did something custom which would be the best option for the space. Use an area rug to define your space.

Choose What Stays And What Goes. With some basic elements you can make the room space more emphasize. Keep it as simple as possible.

My top 7 tips for arranging furniture in a long narrow living room. Then place a chair perpendicular to the couch on a short wall. In order to really get the furniture arrangement of your long narrow living down you need to.

Just because a room is long doesnt mean you need to fill it all with furniture. Pull Furniture Away From the Walls. Begin sketching – to scale – the furniture pieces youll need for each zone.

The look will give an elegant and polished view. I shall be revisiting your room for ideas. Consider your walkways.

Place furniture in a corner arrangement with the foot traffic angling across open space. Notice that they also used a loveseat and chaise facing each other and perpendicular to the length of the room similar to photo No. If your room is particularly long and narrow and you dont want it to have the bowling alley effect try putting some of your furniture on an angle so that it breaks up the space.

Place something perpendicular to the length of the room. This is a very compact furniture arrangement that would work in all types of small spaces. The focal point of the room could be a fireplace or a piece of furniture.

Here we tackle a narrow living room with two totally different designstake a peek and start brainstorming for your own space. When designing an awkward living room its important to build your foundation before focusing on decorative elements and finishes. Choose some furniture ideas for narrow living room.

The window might look inviting for a game table and to chairs flanking either sideSeems as though there is a need for. Place the sofa on the largest wall. Place furniture in a corner side of the room.

Use a corner arrangement with a couch and chair. Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas. A console table behind the sofa would fill some of the empty space and would be a great spot for a table lamp a couple of stools hidden underneath for extra seating.

Dual Purpose Living Room Layout Idea 1 makes smart use of the space to create a dual-purpose living room. The room color should be neutral. I could scream sometimes trying to find suitable furniture arrangements.

What a lovely light inviting room. Use a wall divider or desk to separate the sitting area from the kitchen or dining space. This works particularly well in a symmetrical room when the furniture can be centered around a window or fireplace.

Arranging Furniture In A 12 Foot Wide By 24 Foot Long Living Room Long Living Room Narrow Living Room Long Narrow Living Room

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